Glo Introduce’s Glo Talk Talk Special Plan – You to Get 6 Times Bonus on Every Recharge


I don’t even understand this our Network, Seems All are competiting with Each other, Etisalat and MTN introduce New Plans not Long ago and Here Glo is with Their New package which is called ” Glo Talk Special” You can Also Recall the Cheapest data Plans and Night Plans from other Network, which is cool, and Very Effective.

Anyway Let go straight and See what glo Talk Special Looks Like without wasting much of our Time,

Glo Talk Special is a package that offers you six
times the value of the loaded amount; this package is
recommended for subscribers who make a lot of calls
and less data. This package also gives users
additional data to gift to another Glo customer for
free. For example, a N200 subscription will give you
N800 talk time to call all networks while 75MB data
worths N300. In this 75MB data, 25MB is included
which can be gifted to friends.

What Are The Benefits Of Glo Talk Special

– this talk special plan, you can get N4000 free airtime & over 500MB bonus
data whenever you load with N1000.
Can You Believe this?

Checkout the FAQs From Glo

Subscription AmountAll NetGLO TO GLO F&F

N100     N80       N120       N200

N200       N160       N240       N400

N500       N400       N1,600       N1,000

N1,000       N800       N1,200      N2,000

N5,000       N4,000      N6,000      N10,000

How To Migrate To Glo Special Talk Offer

You can To this by Dialing *303#. And Select Your Bundle and You good to Go

To Check Your Special Talk Bonus Balance dial *606#

Frequent Question You Might Ask

How Can I transfer the Talk Special benefits to another customer?

Only the Gift can be transferred to another
customer on the Glo network

How do I register the 10 Family and Friends (FnF)

Dial *606# to register FnF numbers

How do I transfer the Gift data?

Dial *606# and follow the prompt to transfer data
to any Glo customer

How Can I share the free Data?

You cannot share the free data

Can I gift the free Data?

You cannot gift the free data but can gift out the
Gift Data

How Can I enjoy Family and Friends benefits on Talk

Yes your account is credited with free airtime for
FnF calls when you purchase Talk Secial packs

How Can I Also subscribe to other packs such as Jollof,
Biggy or IDD packs while still being subscribed to
Talk Special?


Will I get Any notification when my Talk Special
bonus account is credited?

while Not? The answer Here is Yes You will Surely receive Notification.

Is this Glo Talk Special a promotional offer?

Actually it is Not a Special Promotional Offer

How To Activate Other Glo Reloaded Tarrif Plans

How To Subcribe To Glo Campus Booster Plus

Glo Campus Booster is another package that has been improved to
give free talk time to users. In this case, it gives you
eight times more percentage for your existing data
while browsing on the campus environments within
the country. For example, a N200 data plan, will give
you 200MB of data off campus, but 400MB on
campus plus additional N50 as talk-time to make

You can Subcribe To this Glo Campus Booster By Dialing *777# and Select Glo Campus Booster plus Voice Plan of Your Choice and All Above offer and bonus will be Yours. You Can Also Need to Subcribe To this Tarrif Plan Known As ” Glo Twin Bash”

How To Activate or Subcribe to Glo Twin Bash(Reloaded)

Glo has changed some features in Twin Bash package
meaning that it now gives you six times the value of
the recharge you make and additional data to gift
which can be sent to another Glo customer free of

For example, If you recharge N100, you will get
125MB data worth N500, a percentage of which is
25MB data that can be used as gift to another Glo
customer and N200 talk-time to call any network

You can Easily subscribe for glo twin bash plan, recharge with
*223*PIN# or *303# for the bundle package.

Just want to use this Medium to inform You that Glo has increased the N2500 Data to 5GB data
which is valid for 30 days. Dial *777# for more.

With All this do You glo is Serious in Competiting with other Networks? I don’t Think So Because other Networks is offering what is More than this via this Glo Packages.


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