DOWNLOAD: Latest Telegram v3.9.0 With New Features Like Editing Sent Messages, etc


Telegram is a Social App, Like whatsapp and is Really Competiting with Whatsapp, You can take a close look at the two App You will Notice it look more Alike with whatsapp. But it Seems that whatsapp is more better and Famous than Telegram is Because Many People is Not aware of Telegram talk more of Chatting on Telegram.

This is one of the Reason while many See Telegram as Less Better chat App, it also Has a Chat group which Members can Chat as one. Telegram now allows 5000
group members instead of the former 1000
allowed as of last year.

Telegram v3.9.0 features some few changes
which includes message editing, name
mentioning of any member and addition of
chat shortcut to home screen.

New Fearures on Telegram

-You can Now Add Group members up to 5,000

– Have the Ability to edit messages that you
mistakenly sent out up to 2 days

– You can mention group members just
as its done on facebook and twitter but in
this case you will type @ before the
person’s name and the person will get

– Users can now create chat shortcuts as
its done on whatsapp

– Your edited messages will be marked
with ‘edited’ tag. This lets members to
know you changed something from the
original post.

– This update allows you to locate
contacts easily

wow this Feature above is Awesome and Cool for my Liken. You next will be.

How and Where Can I Download Telegram

For. Android Users, DOWNLOAD: Latest Telegram Messenger V3.9.0.apk

Are You are Blackberry Users Download and Search Your Using AppWorld. Search it with this Keyword. “IM For Telegram”

For iPhone and iPad users, Download and Get the latest
telegram App Directly From Itunes and Enjoy this New Features.


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