Check It Out: BBM video chat is Finally Here On Android Phones


Long awaited Feature is finally here, BBM now made it possible for their users to Enjoy Video chats, just like the Skype Chat, which is popularly known. This video chat for BBM is now been made available for Android phone Users.

I serious don’t even understand what is holding whatsapp to release this feature also, is had already been part of their plan to release this feature but how soon is it? Anyway let just look forward and see only time will determine when.

I guess IMO chatting also have this feature which enable them to make video chat like the skype, the goodnews here is that BBM is now among the social chatting Network which have Video chat feature Enabled.

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But At this moment, it is only available for
android users and Not Available for All users but is available for (mainly UK and USA) that
updated their BBM application from 30th
April, 2016.

The update will continue rolling
out and spreading to other regions from
now while IOS users are will have to exercise a little of patients before this BBM will be
rolled out for them Also.

Inaddition to be able to Enjoy this video chat you don’t need to Run Any setting you just have to Update Your BBM to the latest version, and it will Automatically be Added.


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