See Unlimited Tariff And Data Plans Prices, and supported SmartPhones For NTEL 4G LTE


Nigerians are among world heavy Internet users
and any network provider that brings affordable
internet data plans here is definitely going to be
patronized by Nigerians.

Having said this, Clickedwap Tech Blog is Bringing To You The new Ntel
data plans are not as affordable as you might
think but considering they will be giving you a very fast 4G network to use the data including its
unlimited cap,

i believe its fairly okay to go with it
whenever you have a lot of heavy movies and
softwares to download. I will show you the three data plans from ntel at
the moment, their prices and compatible phones
according to Ntel.

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Network Speed With Broadband
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Although up till now, there has
not been a physical location where customers
could get their 0804 SIM cards but i believe they
will make it know to the public before the end of this week because many people have already
started sending message To this blogs Email to request for an Ntel SIM Card.

Which We believe You Will get it within a short period of time.

Here is The Ntel Data Plans And Prices

=> Starter Plan: N1,000 / 3 days validity / Unlimited data / 30 minutes voice calls / SMS

=> Standard Plan: N2,400 / 7 days validity / Unlimited Data / 70 minutes calls / SMS

=> Monthly Plan: N9,000 / 30 days validity / Unlimited data / 300 minutes calls / SMS All of the above data plans are unlimited but the
speed throttling comes in after some amount of
data has been used (Dont Think is like Etisalat Socialme
speed throttling).

Even at a throttled speed, its 4
times faster than mtn normal data subscription on
a normal day. Ntel promises as much as 230 Mbps data speed,
but their Fair Usage Policy Of Ntel Includes includes the following
clauses Below:

Ntel Fair Usage Policy

=> At peak periods each day, any customer who
has used a total volume of 3GB will be slowed
down to 512bps.

=> Customers are only entitled to use our
services for personal, non-commercial use.

=> We reserve the right to impose network
protection controls, limit the speed of, suspend or
block your access to services, or disconnect you if
your use is excessive and/or not in keeping with
that reasonably expected of a private individual.

We Recommend You Read Complete : Check Out The Fairly Usage
Policy For The Ntel 4GLTE

Meanwhile, Ntel pointed out some smartphones
brands and names that are currently compatible
with their 4G LTE Network in Nigeria.

These Means that the
phones are the supported phones at the moment
but there will definitely be addition of new
phones in weeks to come.

Ntel Supported Phones

– TECNO Camon C5
– Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

– Infinix Zero (likely the Zero 3)

– Infinix Note (likely the Note 2)

with You seeing All This NTEL Tarrif plans, Do you Think They will Outclass MTN, and any other networks ???


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