SEE PHOTOS: Checkout this Driveless Car ,Currently Under going 2000Km Running Test


Everyday The world of technology is advancing google Earlier mentioned last Year on Building and a Test running Driveless car with mercedez Also.

but Clickedwap tech blog is Here with the greatest
news To shock You that a Chinese Automobile company
known as Chang’an Automobile Engineering &
Research Institute
in China had manufactured a self-driving car that does not require any human
being as the driver.

This Chinese company already have Many Self driveless
cars right now on the road running a long distance of 2,000
kilometre covering a lot of cities in China from
Chongqing to Beijing.

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The most Important thing To Note is That These driverless cars are technically equipped
with well traffic information identification, traffic
jam assist technology, adaptive cruise control
including ability to adapt to active lane changing
systems and Obeying other Traffics Rules and Regulation

Are You Just There imagining How it will Look You came across a car running on its own from one street to another, That just to say That technology is Great. But what do you Think now?

Do It mean All of us will switch over to The driveless car? Let look forward and see.


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