See 10 Basic iPhone Problem And How It can be Fixed


iPhone is among the top respected Smartphones
in the world and Apple stands very tall among the
top smartphone industries on earth at the

We Clickedwap Tech Blog have seen many beautiful and
amazing products from Apple including the
iPhone 5, iPhone SE , iPhone 6, iPhone 6S , iPhone 7 and more are still expected to surface as time goes on.

So lets look at some common problems
with iOS Devices and how to solve them one after
the other.


1. Lost of apps after an updates

Someone brought her iPhone for me few weeks
ago and was like… Liskid Please help me, after updating my
iPhone, all my applications vanished and no
w here to be found, please help me.
So Immediately i restored the apps by opening iTunes, and
connect the iPhone, then i clicked on the “File menu” and transfered all the purchases. And her
apps were back.

2. Sudden Crashing Of Touchscreen

This touch screen issue is also noticed on android
devices atimes but in this context, we are
concentrating on iPhone and iPad devices.

phone touchscreen might be misbehaving,
making it difficult to open apps or type words
smoothly. Well, this is traceable to what is called the proximity sensor on your phone.

Whenever it try
malfunctioning, it starts affecting your phone

To fix this problem, simply tap your phone on the
high left and reboot it immediately.

Your iPhone
TouchPad should be normal again but if the issue persist, kindly take it to an certified iPhone

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3 My iPhone fell inside water

Here comes the popular question on the Internet.

What will i do if my iPhone fall into water?

answer is simple, pick it up as fast as you can,
switch it off
and remove the back case if yours is removable.

Wait for the water to dry. You can bring it out for
sunshine to dry it up but don’t force it to get dried
by using something like hair dryer because it
could cause more damage to your lovely iOS
device. You are advised to wait for about 2 days or So
before attempting to switch it ON again.

An iPhone or iPad that falls inside seawater is
much less more likely to work again meaning
that phones that fell into clean water are likely to
work again after being dried up than the ones
that fell into dirty water.

4. iPhone Crashed Totally

Atimes, your iphone will be angry with you and
decide to go exile by completely crashing so that
you will leave it alone but as a geek, you have to
tell it that you are the boss and revive it back.

To achieve Simply this, swap to DFU mode. Connect your
iPhone to a PC and launch iTunes. Long-press the main-Home button and the “On/Off” button for
about 10 seconds.

As soon as it gets to 10 seconds, launch the
“On/Off” and also holding the main button
untill iTunes notifies that it has detected an iPhone
that is in restoration mode.

Now, launch the main button.
After that, exit “DFU mode” by disconnecting your
iPhone and pressing “On/Off” button to reboot

5. iPhone screen is blocked

Is your iPhone screen blocked?

What do you do if
your iphone screen is blocked?

Kindly Follow this step to fix it and restore your blocked
iphone or iPad screen. “tap three fingers in your
screen for two or three consecutive times” this
simple trick has worked so many times for so many iPhone devices. Just try it whenever your
IOS device screen is locked 🔒

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6. Lost of all contacts

This is one of the common issues on iOS devices.
You just wake up one morning and all your
contacts are gone just like that.

Its frustrating and
may affect your social and business life.

Do You want
To fix this problem, Re-import the contacts that
are on your SIM card by going to Settings => Mail => Contacts => Calendars => Import SIM

7. The “Home” button not working again

Is your iphone home button not working
Here is how You can try to fix it by “calibration”. You
can calibrate by opening any app, press the ON/
OFF button until you see the slide to power OFF
shown on the screen. Then launch Power ON/OFF
button and press the home button again to get back to home screen.

This is the step to calibrate your home button but
if at all this couldn’t fix the problem, then it might
be a hardware problem probably caused by dust

Take it to a certified iPhone technician for

8. iPhone unable to turn on

Whenever you are faced with the issue of your
iphone not switching ON, just apply this step to fix

Try to reset the device by long-pressing the
“On/Off” button and the “Home” button for
a about 11 seconds until you see the display of Apple brand logo.

Another possible cause of this
could be your battery, it might be drained. So try
to recharge it and switch ON your iphone again.

9. iPhone keeps rebooting after installation
of iOS 8.0.1

Few iPhone users that upgraded to iOS version
8.0.1 had the issue of constant restarting of their
phone after the installing the OS but i have a fix
for that.

Just remove the SIM card from your
cell phone, then enable 3G network and Cellular
Finally, reinsert the SIM card again in your phone.

10. Issues with connecting to the web and

This is another common issue to few older iPhone
devices. After contacting your network provider
for configuration and the problem persist, i advice
you to upgrade your iOS to the latest version as it
has been fixed.

I hope this piece of article and solutions to
common iPhone problems is of help to you. By
applying these fixes, you will probably not going
to be visiting the phone engineers on frequent

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