PHOTOS: See Leaked Photos of Blackberry Hamburg &blackberry Rome, which Runs on Andriod O.S


Blackberry is out with another new machine running on andriod O.s after making it clear and officially they wound not be producing blackberry device which runs on andriod O.s Due to some reasons.

Sometime ago blackberry released another statement that they will be Launching Two andriod device this year (2016) we clickedwap are out to leakout the photos of the blackberry which will be running on andriod to be release.

Blackberry Hamburg

Blackberry Hamburg will be a full screen
device running on full android operating
system.and also this blackberry Hamburg is expected to be sold at the price of $400while the dimensions and rendering is
seen below

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Blackberry Rome

Blackberry Rome will be a combination of
both touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard
system just like the the blackberry touch 2 but to carry along those that prefer
physical keyboards to touchscreen. We don’t have much information about the
price of specs of this device for now.

While don’t you stay updated on this blog because we will keep you updated on this new blackberry device. This is just a leaked photo

I can see it coming blackberry is here to competit with other top andriod device, anyway let just relax and watch to know what next.

Any addition to this? Let hear your say!


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