How You can Write Text in Bold,Strike-Through and Italic on Your whatsapp


We Notified all Readers on This Blog About The new whatsapp To be Launched soon, Which can Enable You write In Bold, Italic, and Also in Strike ThroughAre You still waiting for The new Update which You can Perform all This on? Dont worry Because it is Already Here But some of You are still Not away of It.

If You have Whatsapp Version 2.16.10 or Upward, or Do Your whatsapp Now Enable The End-To-end Encryption?. If Yes All This effect Are now active on Them. Your Documents,Videos,Photos, and chats are now secured Up with this end-To-end Encryption.Dont You Know about The end- to-end Encryption?

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Appearing To Whatsapp Users Everywehere

How Do I Apply Bold, Italic and Underline features On My Whatsapp Chats?

– In other For You To write in italics on Your whatsapp, you will need to add The under-scores
before and after your Finish Writing Your text. Example of what I mean => _ Your Text _ and
automatically Your Text becomes italics.

– To write in bold Text as well, You will need To Add asterisks
before and after your text.
Example: Writing *Your text Here* After that it will become bold.

– And To Also write Text in Strike Through, use Will Be needing the tilde like This => ~Your Text Here ~ and automatically it will become
strike through

Why Is it not working On My Andriod Device?

It suppose To Be working Fine On Your andriod or Probably Because you have not Updated Your whatsapp To The Latest Version Download Whatsapp Latest Version: Whatsapp.apk and You are Good To Go.

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