How To Power Off Any Andriod Device Remotely By Sending SMS


This Might Look strange and shocking To You, But is Real every Tutorials on this blog has been tested by us and confirmed working and suitable for those who care to Use them.

You All know that andriod device is the fastest Growing currently in world of technology, and it is capable of carrying out Many Task.

Dont worry I will be Revealing to you how you can off your Andriod O.S device using SMS, This method will Take you Up to 3 – 5minutes to complete because will need to Download the App, and configure it. Once you done with the configuration I tell you that switching off your device through SMS will be Very easy for you.

NOTE:- Your Andriod must be a Rooted one, for this to work effectively, or are you thinking That Unrooted device can possess this kind of feature?

How You Can Shut Down Your andriod device Remotely Through SMS

Step1. Before You Proceed you Need to DOWNLOAD: Remote Power

file on your computer, open the zipped folder and extract the Remote turnoff.apk file from the zipped folder (System >> App >> Remoteturnoff.apk).

Step 2. you Can Either install the app from your computer to your device or make sure that you’ve enabled “unknown source” options on your android device. Do you wish to Enable This this
option, go to settings >> security and then enable

Note that This option lets you install applications
downloaded from third party sources.

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From 5.1 Lollipop To 6.0 Marshwallow.

Step 3. After that, transfer the app to your android
device, install and then launch the application.

Step 4. Now You will need to Reset Your password of the App. The default password on the app
is null, so input it on current password and then enter your new code. Click on “change secret
once you are done.

Step 5.Just Go to your SuperSU and make sure that
app is granted root access.

Step 6. Thats Just it. You are done.

Now, All you Need to do is send the secret code that
you used for the app as SMS to your android
device, and the device would be turned off

Dont You Understand any of the steps above, Comment Below For Clear Explaination.


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