DOWNLOAD: Zyphon VPN Handler V2.0.2 and Enjoy Free browsing On All Networks.


Bring to You The new VPN Which You Can Now use to Surf The internet with Less or no Subcription, it supports All the network, Airtel, MTN,Etisalat and Many More.

it is developed by ZYBERPH II developers, Which is one of the VPN Developer wizard. This VPN is Like Psiphon. The handler menu Has a preffered Proxy address and Proxy Port According The tweak Required you to carryout.

At first
The setting Mighty Look Confusing To you but as soon as you locate the handler menu,
you will be comfortable with it. Because it looks more
like your psiphon handler.

The main menu brings
a transparent appearance and the Skype Symbol is used to open the handler menu. So anytime you want to set Zyphon, just tap on the
symbol icon and it will take you straight to

Things Required to Use this Effectively

only the most important thing Require is just Your Active 3G or 4G network.

Time to Proceed with our setting,

How To Browse Free with Etisalat socialme on Zyphon

Firstly You will need to Download Our Zyphon. DOWNLOAD: Zyphon_V2.0.2.apk

Now Set with This settings below

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Stable and Not Always Disconnecting

Mark “remove port”

Proxy Type: Real host

Proxy Server:

Real Proxy Type: Inject

Now Return back and select USA as your location from the
main menu.

If you want to See more option menu, just tap
the tools (spanner) icon and enable sound.

your VPN will be connected for free
browsing and downloading.

I know this is Easy but if you have Problem dont forget to ask Using Comment Box Below.


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