Checkout 5 MTN Customer Care Number, You can Use To Contact Them on Whatsapp.


All the networks Telecom company are working Hard to give the best to their Users, MTN have been one of the oldest Network and One of the most popular Network, Although atimes they Might be anonying.

You can Now Contact MTN customer care Faster through Whatsapp Without Calling or Dialing 180. Because Before they attend to You through Calling it consumes more time.

Like for me Liskid of clickedwap, I hate it when am Trying to contact MTN to Make an Enquiry and they will be given me heavy Grammer instead of connecting me directly and am sure it is applicable to Other customer care Number.

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You Can now Lay your complaints to MTN customer on whatsapp with the following Number.

5 MTN Customer Care Numbers Dedicated To Whatsapp

– 09033000001

– 09033000002

– 09033000003

– 09033000004

– 09033000005
I think They are the First Telecom to Join and attend to their customers through Whatsapp?,

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