How To Apply For Payoneer Mastercard For Free


Hello all Readers on Clickedwap Blog. Today i want to show you the way on how To apply for USA master card and got my card deliver to within 20days. nigeria


1. You can received from abroad

2.You can from abroad

3. You can verify your paypal account with it

4. You use it in your local ATM machine e.t.c
Many people may say How can get this card from USA to Nigeria?
The answer is YES,

Payoneer company will send your card directly to the address you provided within short period of time.


First Step: Click SIGN UP To Payoneer. Then click on GET YOUR PREPAID MASTERCARD NOW button which will now lead you to step two

Second Step: This step involves the filling of your information. It
is made up of three stages, they are Cardholder
Details, Card account information and your ID.

Cardholder Detail: it involves your /resident address where you will receive your card, here
name of any organization are not allowed e.g
hospital, schools, banks, post offices e.t.c and in the
post code area input the postal code of your area,

if you don’t know that ask any post office around
you and remember P.O. Box is not allowed.

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Card account information: here you are required to
put your card information i.e the name that will be
written on the card and also filling your secret
question and answers and always remember it for
it will be need for references in the future.

Fill in your ID: Here is either you fill in international
passport details, Drivers license,National ID card or
you can even use your Voter card details.

THIRD STEP: After you must have fill in the required information in SECOND STEP, in this step three you will be given three option, just tick the three option and then click On Finish.

Then you will be taken to a page, which after you will receive email fro payoneer and after 1-2 days payoneer will send you email notifying you of your status whether your application is approved or not approve.

If it is approved then congrats for your card will arrived at 3-4weeks or 20 days.

My advice To You is That You Use your NIPOST postal code to get your card deliver to you for free

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